Wedding Car Decoration Idea – How To Improve Your Wedding Car Idea

wedding car decoration idea

When you are planning for weddings, we understand that there is a lot going on and it is not possible for you to focus on just one thing but wedding car decoration ideas and spending some time and decorating it the right way will always be worth the time and effort you are investing. You have the wedding plan set in place – the date, guest list, and of course, the cake. But what about the getaway wedding car decoration?

Wedding Car Decoration Idea – Flowers And Wreaths

A car parked on the side of a road

Whether you rent the car or use your own, you want to make sure to do it in style. And decorating it comes into the picture. 

Floral arrangements are one to go about it. Flowers are the go-to option if you cannot have enough flowers or want to do it the easier way. You can add a small group of flowers on door handles and side mirrors, or you can add a floral wreath to the trunk. Add a Just Married slate to exit in as romantic a way as possible. A just married number plate is another way to go about it. It is the classic way to let everyone know and one to which you can add your unique spin, for example, using a wooden sign for a natural approach or adding streamers to keep the traditional vibe. 

But if you love plants, but not the bright colored flowers, then go for a wreath. It has a more subtle look adding a touch of greenery and charm at the same time. Place your wreath in the top left or bottom right of the hood using the rule of thirds. Small-sized ones can provide more space and flexibility for other decorations. A heart-shaped wreath adds just the right detailing. 

Wedding Car Decoration Idea – Ribbons 

Adding ribbons and balloons are also a great way if done right. Bows are glamorous that elevate the styling of the car. Contrasting your ribbon color with that of the car can bring out the pop look, while a large bow to the front bumper symbolizes tying the knot. You can pick colors that have a wedding theme or have a professional wrap your car in ribbonry. Balloons with love written on them, secured with a vine, or popped inside the vehicle as a surprise – picture perfect!

Wedding Car Decoration Idea – Decorating The Bonnet

Use ideas like decking it with a pair of couple dolls or placing two white dove figurines. The dolls can be dressed according to the wedding theme, matched up with flowers. The doves can hold wedding rings with a heart-shaped bouquet. Then colorful streamers made of crepe paper matching the wedding colors. Or metallic ones that shine in the sunlight and don’t lose colors if it rains can do the job, too.  


Whether you are all prepared for the wedding or just starting, these ideas for your wedding car decoration can help you plan for yours at any stage. They can be as unique and personalized as the wedding couple!

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