Unique Wall Decoration Ideas For the Living Room

A room with a large mirror

When you’re decorating a home, you might not be thinking about the wall as much as the windows and doors but it is important that the walls are in line with the rest of the furniture and accessories and the style of the rooms. Here are fifteen unique Wall Decor Ideas for the Living Room.

Hang up a large collage of framed art or framed photographs on the wall above your living room sofa to create an eye-catching display. This collection can include anything from pictures of family life to old country art works to abstract paintings to abstract works of modern art. You might like to include framed photos of your children or grandchildren, your best friends and so forth.

Small paintings can also be hung above a dining room table to give the room a warm and cozy feel. The same goes for small prints of art that you like. Try hanging a large framed picture of a favorite place in your home and then a small piece of artwork from another home or from one of your favorite artists.

Giving Personality To Walls 

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A large painting will fit nicely with a large framed photograph of you and your child or grandchildren and a small painting with abstract design will look great with a painting by an abstract artist. You’ll want to place the painting in a prominent spot because it is going to be the first thing people will see when they come into your room.

Here are some more unique Wall Decor Ideas for the living room. Start with hanging a large painting over a chair on your sofa, a large painting over your bed, a large painting over your coffee table and place a small piece of art in the middle of the room.

Another great way to create a focal point for your home is to use a grouping of photographs. You could choose to hang one large painting on the wall above a smaller framed photo and a bunch of smaller ones around a mirror or a small painting. It’s up to you how many paintings you decide to hang. You might even put all of them together in a larger group on one wall. You can take a bunch of the paintings you choose to a local artist and have them work with him or her to make a custom piece of art.

Make Wall Coverings 

Use these same paintings and use them to make wall coverings. You could have one large painting hung behind a fireplace or next to a sofa or bed. Or, you could hang a single large painting on the wall between two smaller paintings on opposite sides of a dining room table. You can also hang a large painting over the side of your sofa. Just make sure that the painting you choose fits with the other pieces you’ve already chosen.

These are just a couple of ideas for wall covering ideas. Use your imagination when thinking of new ways to personalize your wall with art. And don’t forget to incorporate the other decorating ideas. The main purpose of your decorating should be to accent your home and not only for looks but to give it character.

For example, instead of using pictures as wall decor, why not display family photos in frames. Then hang those pictures on a wall covered with fabric or other material. It’s an easy way to get a personal touch into your home without making a big mess.

Final Verdict 

Remember, the goal of decorating is to add value to your home. A room will stand out more if you put something special in it. It could be a portrait of you or an engraved photo or a painting by an abstract artist. or even a family photo of a loved one. You can even put your favorite hobby or interest in your room and decorate it with artwork.

Make sure that your paintings will fit in with other things you have in the room. You should think about what would work best with the furniture, floor, walls, carpet, paint, and other accessories you already have.

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