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Some Simple Indian Wedding Decorations

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When you are thinking of an Indian wedding, one of the first things that probably comes to mind are the traditional Indian Diwali color themes. There are many different diwali color themes available today. However, the most traditional is still the red and gold Indian Diwali color themes. This type of diwali color theme is ideal for the bride who has an ancient Indian themed wedding. The red and gold colors look very traditional and festive for a lovely wedding ceremony.

One simple Indian wedding stage decoration idea that can make your home look elegant is using colorful mini lights. These small lights hang from the ceiling in various points of your home. If you hang them in the right areas, you can accentuate the beauty of your decorations without overpowering them.

Stage Decoration Ideas

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Another stage decor idea that can really make your home look beautiful is to add flower petals to the ends of your stairway. At Indian weddings, this is used as a sign of respect. It also adds a nice touch of texture to your staircase. In addition to petals, garlands of flowers can be hung from the railing of your staircase. These garlands are a great way to dress up your staircase and they look beautiful at night as well.

Stage Decoration Idea 5: Using LED lights. LED lights are very popular these days. They are easy to use and they have a high amount of brightness. This means that they will provide enough lighting without causing the room to get dim. LED lighting can be used on all of your walls and ceiling so you can easily decorate your home with lights.

You can use flowers along with these LED lights as a decoration idea for your theme stage decoration idea. If you are having an Indian theme then you should decorate the room in a similar manner. For instance, you can have a fountain in the centre of the room and add a lot of flowers along the edge. You can also decorate your doorway with plants in a similar manner.

Simple Indian Wedding Decoration Idea Involves Shimmery Adornments

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Another idea for stage decorations is to decorate the image source with images such as a pink elephant along with flowers and other decorative elements. To achieve this kind of floral stage decor look, you need to use pink elephants that are placed on four points along the image source. The ends of the image should be connected to the four points with a ribbon so that it looks like a curtain. Next, all you need to do is hang it on the wall at the back of the image source. If there are any other decorations, such as balloons and ribbons, then you need to place them on the same spots too.

A simple Indian wedding decoration idea involves using shimmery adornments. You need to make the adornments out of rice paper that has been decorated using dry fruits and almonds. Place these items on the top of the rice paper and fix it to the ceiling of the room. Just remember to tie the ends of the adornment and they will drape down the sides of the ceiling and will look very elegant and beautiful.

Bottom Line

Another one of the simple Indian wedding decorations involves hanging makhis (traditional hanged cloth curtains) on the wall in the form of garlands. To achieve this look, you need to have a garland made from thread work and hang it from the ceiling using the thread work and a few almonds. To give the garland a more glamorous look, you can use different colored beads and jewelries. If there are guests visiting your home during the wedding reception, then you can have the guests give their compliments by dangling their heads over the garland. This simple Indian wedding decoration ideas is very easy to carry out and is an ideal option for you if you are looking for an easy yet elegant decorating idea for your big day.

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