Room Decoration Idea for Birthday Items that You Must Have

room decoration idea for birthday

The main attraction of a birthday party after food is the decoration, it is the most important part to make the day more exciting and interesting. The shimmery, glossy, colorful decoration for a birthday adds up a lot of charms and livens up the birthday memories. Some people hire professional decorators for this special day and some like to design it with their own creativity, if you are in the latter category then we have some expert tips for you about fantastic birthday decoration. You can use these tips to decorate rooms or the entire house, make sure you choose the colors wisely and match them well, read along to know what items are essential for room decoration ideas for a birthday.

  1. Fairy Lights
A living room filled with furniture and a large window

These are multitasking lights, you can hang them along with the curtains, the table, window panels, or corners of the wall. The twinkling fairy lights will immediately create a warm and enchanting atmosphere at the venue. To light them up, plug them in with an extension cord or ask for help from an electrician to set them up, check the conditions of the lights and make sure it lights up well. Some of them come with different effects and still lights, there are also several designs that you can pick from, there are many colors but a warm golden color is best.

2.Foil Balloons

A bedroom with a bed and a wooden table

Foil Balloons are so much on the trends, these popular balloons will be seen everywhere on the internet, a modern birthday party is incomplete without these balloons for the decoration. These foil balloons come in all shapes and sizes such as “Happy Birthday”, your age or any number, Alphabets, Star or heart shape, etc; they even come with many different colors but golden, silver, or rose-tone is the most attractive. Place the balloons behind the cake cutting place of the birthday girl/boy, it will create a selfie-worthy spot there.

3.Regular Balloons of Different Colors

Regular round or heart-shaped balloons are a must-have item for decoration, style them up according to the theme, use warm-toned colors, don’t go for bright or too deep colors. You can purchase them from a store or supermarket and get them filled and stuck from there, or you can fill them at home, you can also buy them from a balloon man on the streets.

4.Strings of Photographs

A unique decoration idea for a birthday is to add some beautiful nostalgia, memories in the form of photos are a great way to make the venue precious for both the person and guests. This amazing idea will make everyone feel special, you can choose photos with old friends, childhood birthdays, or school memories, stick them or clip them well together under the fairy lights.


Don’t forget to add sparkles and glitters, you can go for skin-friendly glitters or avoid them if the party has small children. Add funky birthday caps for children and put on energetic music, you can do some crafty homemade decoration too with papers, cardboards, stickers, colors, paints, and sketch pens. 

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