On Trends Wedding Decoration Ideas For 2021

wedding decoration idea

For that elegant and romantic wedding decoration idea, think about using an old (or antique) chalkboard. You can also purchase a vintage chalkboard marker and just use that instead of the chalk. For the most part these boards are very cheap and are available online. If you are on a tight budget, it’s a great idea to just make the old one work for you – chalkboard markers don’t have to be perfect.

Add some vintage romance to your wedding with this old-fashioned chalkboard in an ornate white frame. This great wedding decoration idea would be doubly beneficial: Display any sentiment you want at both the ceremony and at the reception. Your guest book will be extra special, especially if you display the “thank you” or the “wedding proposal” on the board. A framed collage of photos with candles at each place setting would make for wonderful displays. Your guests will thank you for this country house wedding decoration idea! And your family and friends will love to look at these photos!

This is another country house wedding decoration idea, but it would work well with more flowers than just a white backdrop. The flowers are in shades of white, so you can easily make them match the bridal bouquet. You’ll need to determine how much of the centerpieces or floral arrangements you’re going to include in your wedding decorations. It will depend on the amount of space you have and the amount of floral arrangements, you have to buy.

Lanterns And Lighting

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If you’ve decided to use lanterns for your wedding decorations, you’ll have plenty of options. One great thing about lanterns is that they can be very inexpensive. For the wedding reception, you can use traditional lanterns, or you can try new and interesting lanterns that your guests will love. There’s also a classic look to lanterns that you can use for your wedding decoration idea. If you want to add a little elegance to your wedding reception, consider using antique lanterns with flowers on them.

Lighting is another important part of this type of wedding decoration idea. Depending on the time of day, you may not want to use too many lights on the tables. For example, when you have a luncheon party, only the host and some of the guests may be in front of the buffet table. In that case, you can dim the lights on the banquet table to give a more romantic feeling to the evening.

Another popular wedding decoration idea surrounds the wedding arches. You can create arches using different materials and make them look like mini columns. Or, you can use stained glass, etched glass, or pewter lamps to decorate the arches for your reception. Using the same color and material as the decorations on the tables, the arches will add depth to the reception hall.

Card Holders For Tables

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There are other things you can do with these types of wedding decoration ideas too. You can put place card holders in the middle of the tables, so your guests can write down their name and address while they are sitting at the tables. You can also use a variety of small glassware to decorate these tables as well. One idea would be to make your wedding tables sparkle with your crystal glasses filled with different colored liquids.

LED Strings From The Ceiling

When it comes to on-trend wedding table decorations, nothing beats hanging LED strings from the ceiling. You can have string lights hanging from each pew or you can have a long strand hanging from the middle of the table. Depending on the season, you can use different colors of LED lights.

Last Words

You can also add candles to the centerpieces of the tables. Candles make great table decorations because they are available in so many styles and sizes. Candles are also very easy to add glitter to and you can even have your candles light up and dance around the room when you use them.

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