House Planning – How To Get The Best House Design Ideas

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Choosing the best house design elements to integrate into your home can transform your entire property. However, selecting floor plans that are ideal for your home location can be a challenge. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t take the time to plan their layouts carefully and end up with homes that are not energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. The same holds true if you selected the wrong home floor plan or made common home design errors.

An Overview

House Design

When it comes to selecting the best house design elements for your new construction project, an architect should be your top priority. Not only should your architect provide you with an attractive floor plan, he or she should also help you select the right building site plan. Once a site plan is selected, it lays the cornerstone for a strong value packed home that is adaptable to future demands. Your architect should work with you to develop a house building plan that incorporates your unique goals and requirements.

One of the best house design techniques to consider involves calculating square footage by using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website Real Estate Miles per Hour. The website will calculate the value of your home based on the square footage, which will include the amount of lot area, the square footage on each side of your house and the driveway, as well as any existing trees and structures on the property. Calculating square footage will ensure that you obtain the most accurate estimate of the value of your dream home. When comparing this figure to the actual square footage of your parcel of land, you will get a more accurate picture of what your home could ultimately sell for.

Important Aspect 

House Design

An important aspect of good house design includes the use of cost per square foot. This is often referred to as the listing price or sticker price of a property. Listing price is simply a means of establishing a realistic market price for your dream home. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that the cost per square foot is their best option for calculating home values. Unfortunately, listing price is not an accurate representation of true home value, so it should not be relied upon as the sole basis for your house plan analysis.

When selecting the architect, your best house design technique will involve the use of multiple architectural firms in the development of your master plan. It is advisable to hire an architect that has previous experience in developing residential and commercial buildings, as well as luxury real estate. Architectural firms can offer you assistance when developing your master plan. Their expert knowledge of building regulations will ensure that you are provided with the best quality construction materials and skilled labor. Additionally, an architect can help you determine which materials are most appropriate for your specific project.

Master Plan 

Once you have developed your master plan, you will need to select suitable interior designs for each location. While you may wish to have a formal dining room, formal living room, and formal library in each location, this is not required. In fact, your choices are almost endless. Your homestyler may suggest that you build a formal library featuring wooden cabinets and a grand fireplace in the center for a regal feeling. Alternatively, a warm and inviting library could include comfortable chairs, end tables, and a coffee table built with bookshelves. If you desire to create a formal sitting room, however, consider building a library that features rich wood finishes and a grand fireplace.

Another way to achieve the best house design is to take your sketches and incorporate them with existing furniture. A quick sketch down of your home design ideas will allow you to incorporate new furniture into your existing designs, without having to pay for completely new pieces of furniture. Sketching your plans with a pen and paper, first creates a detailed plan of the overall layout. Once you have completed your sketches, you can then work with a live home fitter and choose furniture to incorporate in your plans. Live home designers can help you choose the right furniture, including custom built pieces that blend in perfectly with your sketches and existing designs.


While these pros recommend using a free version of a home planner, it’s not necessary to settle for the sketchup. Instead, work with your home planning team and go through the plan as a group. Your interior design team can make suggestions to make everything easier, whether it’s a new kitchen with stoves and appliances, or a new floor plan. With their expertise, they can give you suggestions that are unique and that may make your entire residence stand out. After all, the goal of your home planning team is to help you succeed in your search for the perfect home.

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