Finding a DIY Decoration Idea For Your Wedding - Finding a DIY Decoration Idea For Your Wedding -

Finding a DIY Decoration Idea For Your Wedding

diya decoration idea

In most cases the diy idea is a coloured rug that is placed in one corner of the wedding ceremony and that has a beautiful design and pattern imprinted on it. Usually the design is floral or has some kind of tribal design on it. DIY decorations are a great choice for a wedding that is both unique and exotic.

Own Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Most African families will have their own wedding decoration ideas. Sometimes they will copy the decoration ideas of other ethnic groups from other regions of Africa. This is a wonderful way of ensuring that you have a truly unique wedding decoration idea. The families that do this will often do so by customising their own version of the DIY idea.

It might come as a surprise to many people that there are certain countries that have very elaborate diy ideas. In the case of Kenya for instance, the day concept is known as Maasai matsanga. Maasai matsanga means a traditional hand woven mat covered with colourful threads that has a very rich, deep and soothing colour that makes it an ideal choice for a day wedding.

The Kangani

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Another type of mat that is used in Kenya is the kangani. It is also a hand-woven mat that is made traditionally and that is a beautiful, exotic colour. The kangani is traditionally draped around the body as a sort of blanket. Some people will even cover the mat with a large shawl that has a bright, stimulating colour on it.

Traditionally if you were to go to Africa and search for mats to use for a wedding, you would find that they are not easily available. However, today they are widely available and quite easy to use. You can either choose to decorate the mat yourself or get a custom-made mat. There are a lot of different things that you can do to a man, but if you’re going for a more traditional wedding then you might want to think about tying the mat with some ornamental thread. There are plenty of different colours to choose from and if you go to a craft store you will be able to see all of them. You will find them displayed in most cases next to the silk or polyester curtains.

Decorate A Mat

Other than these two, there are also a lot of different coloured threads that you can use to decorate a mat. This might include a plain satin colour and then a darker, more earthy colour. The darker colour could be combined with white or even black thread. The only limitations to the colour and the design is really your imagination.

Last Words

Don’t be afraid to have fun and try out some new ideas when you are looking for a DIY decoration idea for your wedding. There are so many different styles and fabrics to choose from and the possibilities are endless. You may find that the old favourite is not what you originally had in mind and that you can use these instead. If you are having problems deciding what style to use then go to a bridal store and see what is on offer. They will be able to give you professional advice on all of the options that you have and will enable you to make the perfect mat for your big day.

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