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Elementary And Fun DIY Fruit Basket Decoration Idea

fruit basket decoration idea

A table decorated with a fancy fruit basket with vivid coloured fruits in it is nothing less than a treat to the eyes. Perfectly presented fruits in a basket can even make your table look exotic for vacations. Decorative baskets of fruits also allure the kids to eat them regularly. However, it makes no sense to purchase a new basket at an expensive rate. Decorating baskets is an easy-peasy task and takes no time. Decorative fruit baskets can even be used as a gift or for making your table look presentable in front of the guests. Nothing is as alluring as the visual charm of food. Let’s walk through an alluring, amazing, and simple Fruit Basket Decoration Idea.

Fruit Basket Decoration Idea Steps

A wooden cabinet

Material Required for executing Fruit Basket Decoration Idea – Fruits, basket, handmade bow, filler (steamers and coloured paper strings), items for gifting.

Select the Basket – Even though the usual, traditional baskets are always perfect for such type of an occasion, one can still use something fancy, sturdy, and something with a wide mouth and enough space to fit all the fruits that you wish to. For instance, bowls, bags, pots flower vases, boxes, etc. anything can be used.

Make a soft bottom – The bottom can be cushioned using strings of paper, plastic strands of grass in varied vivid colours. A shallow container usually requires a not so thick bed of fillers to safeguard the fruit. A basket with great depth needs a thicker bed.

Selection of Fruits- Choose the fruits according to the recipient’s taste and the size of your basket. Also, try going in for vivid coloured fruits like banana, mango, pomegranate, apple, kiwi, orange, etc. The basket should have multi-coloured fruits because it makes the basket look appealing. One can add another item like dry fruits, candles, cheese, wine bottles, etc., to give a touch of warmth to the basket.

Arrangement of items – Now comes the step where all the items are organized in an alluring manner. We start by placing the heavy and huge item in the heart of the basket and placing the small item on the sides. We’ll finish it up by adding the tiniest items like grapes, dry fruits on the top. This way, everything will be visible, and the basket will look very well organized. If desired, one can tuck any extra items they wish to on the top and the edges of the fruit basket.

Adding colours to the Fruit Basket Decoration Idea: Last but not least, one can make a bow using paper or ribbon and attach it to the basket using a coloured wire. This will add a touch of sophistication to the fruit basket.


A close up of a flower

Fruit Basket Decoration Idea is something quite easy to execute. Just a little material is required to add a dash of creativity and beauty to the traditionally used baskets. Fruits, however, play a major role by adding colours to the basket.

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