Chinese New Year Decorations Are Perfect for Spring

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Chinese New Year is the time for traditions and celebrations. Hang the extra lanterns on your porch, doors and windows, in addition to hanging the traditional Chinese new year masks. You can use the same traditional Chinese New Year decorations, or create something unique. Hang the extra lanterns both outdoors and indoors throughout your house. Use the indoor lanterns to help visitors identify your house as a Chinese New Year celebration location.

Use The Traditional Chinese New Year Decorations

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Hang large Chinese new year decorations from the ceiling, tables, wall art, and porches. Hang flower garlands from the large lanterns. If you are holding your New Year’s Eve party at your house, hang long drapes across the front entrance of the house. A red ribbon tied around the lantern can add color to the party area. If you want to be more creative, you could consider using a red silk flower garland to decorate your porches and tables.

Use decorative items such as Chinese dragon figures, paper Chinese calligraphy, colorful plaques and door gods to decorate the outside of your house. These are simple decorative items that can easily be found in any local Chinese restaurant. Hang up pictures of the new year from the front porch of the house, and from the dining-room door. Place a few bamboo planters filled with flowers in the yard, and add colorful potted plants to the front porch and patio.

Create Your Own Chinese New Year Decorations

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Using fine china and porcelain materials, sketch out a good fortune reversal pattern on a long piece of rawhide. Cut out some animal figures or buy some clay figures from a local craft store and use them to make the decorations. Cut in the middle of the rawhide, place a bamboo steamer, and hang the steamers over a fire. Allow the steam to saturate the surface of the rawhide, then iron the edges of the design. Once the design is ironed, hang the strips of rawhide over the fire and allow them to dry.

Bring in some good luck items. You will need Chinese new year symbols made from paper rolls or a heavy card stock. These are easily found at a local craft store or order them online. You can also find Chinese fortune cookies and silk scarves to put into the hat and add to your decorations.

Make A Chinese New Year Decoration Easy Enough To Do

Make a Chinese new year decoration easy enough to do by just preparing 1 cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of dried white flowers, and four or five fresh Chinese roses that you can buy at a craft store. Then, take a small square of white paper and cut out a nice layout of your choice on it, like a wheel or Chinese new year logo. Next, take another small square of paper and prepare to make a symbol out of it. It could be any symbol that you wish to use for your decorations. Remember to be creative with your Chinese new year symbols and the colors that you choose to use because they are the main focus of the decorations.

After that, all you have left is to arrange the decorations on your table. Use large flowers in the center and smaller ones around the outside. You may want to add some green leaves as well to enhance the color scheme.


The last thing that you can do is create the table’s centerpiece by placing the four or five Chinese new year decoration pieces onto a rectangular piece of flat wooden block. It would be better if you are going to use a larger piece of woodblock for the centerpiece. Then, you can arrange the smaller square of paper on top of the woodblock and then create a nice design out of it. Another fantastic thing that you can do with this type of wooden block is to use some gold paper for the background. This way, you can have more freedom when it comes to putting the different decorative items on the block. For instance, if you want to include some more Chinese woodblocks or anything else that you can think of, you can use the gold paper to create that beautiful background, which will then enhance the colors on the actual centerpiece.

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