Best Features of the Floorplanner

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Floorplanner is an intuitive, fully customizable room plan software for architects, homeowners, and commercial real estate professionals. It is a highly user-friendly tool that enables amateur architects to design lavishly decorated homes and fully optimize office space. This popular program allows users to adjust floor plans for any size or format effortlessly. It empowers the designer with unprecedented control over floor plans allowing them to create floor plans with as few as five individual floor plans or as many as thousands.

Makes Creating Floor Plans Fun And Interesting.

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It gives designers the ability to fully customize floor plans by adding text, colors, borders, columns, and many other visual elements. It can also be used by architects and interior designers to quickly create multiple floor plans for any given space in a single project. The flexibility of this innovative program is truly remarkable, allowing real estate agents to present their clients with floor plans that are uniquely their own. With this powerful software program, architectural professionals can now have the power to influence and guide their clients through the design and planning process.

Takes Full Advantage Of The Power Of The Ipad

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Unlike other 2D renderings or software programs such as AutoCAD, Floorplanner takes full advantage of the power of the iPad. The iPad’s unique “flat panel” design makes it a fantastic tool for both architects and interior designers to experience life, 3D renders of their floor plans. With the help of the “istele” iPad app, users can walk around their floor plans and inspect all dimensions and features at a moment’s notice. This interactive iPad app even enables users to manipulate the dimensions using touch gestures, allowing them to sculpt every element of their room plans precisely.

Stunning 3D Renderings

The result is a stunning room plan, complete with all architectural detail and stunning 3D renderings. As the iPad is continually shown in different orientations, it becomes clear that this final product is nothing short of spectacular. All elements are rendered in lifelike detail using the most accurate software available. Users can also manipulate each floor level using the touch screen to alter its height and other elements. A bonus of the Floorplanner software is that it includes over 150 architectural props such as window louvers, door handles, light fixtures, cup holders, etc.

Collaborate With Other Architectural Experts

By integrating the Floorplanner iPad application with a robust cloud-based room plan creation platform, architects can quickly and easily share their floor plans with clients and other professionals. It makes it possible to collaborate with other architectural experts in real-time, providing a valuable resource for everyone involved. With the added functionality, iPad owners can also add video and audio elements to their floor plans, further improving their ability to communicate with their clients. As well, users can save and share the exact dimensions of their rooms with others.

Houdini Viewer

Not only can the iPad allow users to view their floor plans on a large screen, but they can also make use of several different accessories, including the popular Houdini viewer. The Houdini viewer allows users to preview 3D designs and decide whether or not to purchase them. The floor planner app includes a wide variety of different techniques that can be viewed from the comfort of your own home. In addition to viewing several other floor plans at once, the app allows users to easily rotate and resize the images using simple dragging and dropping functions. This functionality makes it possible for even novice users to modify existing floor plans.

Update Existing Designs Easily

Architects love using the Floorplanner because it allows them to update existing designs easily. To do so, all they have to do is select the desired floor plan that they want to view, enter the dimensions of the room they want to have, select the appropriate photo and then select the correct image. They can save this plan in their chosen format and print it out in just a few seconds. The Floorplanner app comes with a full money-back guarantee which enables customers to try the product for 60 days. During this period, if customers find that the app does not meet their needs, they can request a refund. In addition to providing the feature that lets users change existing floor plans, the app also offers other exciting features which can significantly help architects and interior designers.

Summing Up

One of these features is the built-in virtual tours, which let you browse through various photos of different rooms while looking at the floor design that you are about to view. If you like what you see, you can click on “buy” and have the virtual tour printed right in front of you. When you choose to place an order, you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to complete the transaction. You can also receive updates on new furniture stores, wall color palettes, and wall coverings which will allow you to redo your kitchen more efficiently.

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